Trevor King Photography


It's hard to pin down Trevor King. He's usually travelling the world shooting for brands or trying to find uncrowded waves to surf. Where ever he is, his camera and love of life are there with him.

Trevor King was born in Canada. Soon after the family moved on to a sailboat in Vancouver, and spent many years of his youth cruising through the South Pacific. Consequently, Trevor experienced many of the cultures spanning Pacific Islands, Australia, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean giving him insight into an array of landscapes and ways of life.

Through his travels Trevor developed a passion for photography, and during adolescence, he picked up his own camera and moved to Australia. There he studied and then went on to shoot for most of Australia's best teams and biggest brands.

Over his career, Trevor has established himself as a talented and in demand photographer on the fashion and advertising circuit. 4 years ago he relocated his family to Venice Beach in search of greater travel and business opportunities.

Trevor’s laid back, yet professional nature brings a certain magic to a shoot. With his magnetic personality and through his enthusiasm and zest for life, Trevor adds value to every project he is involved in.

Client List

Auguste The Label, Amaio, A Brand Jeans, ELLE, Free People, MJ Bale, Oliver Grand, Nikon, Nike, Nissan, Oakley, Old Pal, Outerknown, Tanliines, Target, Tiffany and Co, The Iconic, Zimmerman

Represented by DLM Australia.

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