Journey is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. But it’s exactly what Trevor King has made a career out of.

Born travelling, King has been in motion since the very beginning, from Canada’s cold winters to being raised on a sailboat in the South Pacific and Caribbean. Back to Canada and after high school, up and down the East Coast of Australia, then a 4 year stint in Los Angeles. Covid brought Trevor and his family back to settle for now in Byron Bay, Australia.

Some people are born to be on the road. They pack light, travel well, never forget the things that we always seem to be scrambling for in a roadside store in another language. But, for most of us, it’s a struggle to hold on to, to remember, the places we see, the people we meet. It’s ephemeral: too many moments that come too fast.

A photographer and director, he is the kind of guy who crosses continents for a story. And so, it makes sense that life is work and work is life. A traveller, a wanderer and an adventurer, right now he calls Australia home. But on any given day, he could be anywhere really.

That afternoon in the Tuileries. In the shallows with the sharks off Tahiti’s coastline. The waves shared, connections made and the bread broken. The conversations had, the friends made, and the stories told. King started shooting to keep track of it all, to chart it and, to share it. He’s inspired by the way the light falls in California, the way his wife smiles, and by the way faces – ones he’ll soon call friends – move through the world.

“Getting to know strangers.” That’s his process. While it’s one he is not teaching his two young children. King is curious, always. He finds the unfamiliar and makes it family.

He knows, too, what it’s like to be the stranger. The alien on unfamiliar soil. To not speak the language, to play the outsider. His work is his connection. An acknowledgement of that person and their place in the world. Perfect and present, his shots tell their story.

And for now, he’ll do that through his photos. Until, of course, he gets good enough to be a pro surfer.


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